Long-term care insurance protects one’s resources. In addition, purchasing a long-term care policy preserves one’s choices. But long-term care insurance can be pricey; are there less expensive options? Yes. There are a couple of options with a provision for long-term care coverage—life insurance and annuities.
Term insurance definitely has its place in life planning—and what will eventually occur at the end of that life—but it is not for everyone. Though term life insurance is the lowest cost life insurance available today, there are only a few scenarios in which it may be a good buy for you. Here is the way it works.
So, to what are people referring when they speak of the Medicare Part D donut hole? The donut hole, also known as the coverage gap in Medicare circles, occurs after someone with a Medicare Part D drug plan has hit a certain spending limit on their prescription costs. When that limit is hit, then the costs go up for the person with the Part D plan. So, let’s see exactly how that works.
Apparently, Medicare does not believe that teeth are part of one’s body. Why do I say that? It is because Medicare does not provide dental coverage. So you will need to find dental coverage elsewhere.
Which is the best Medicare Part D prescription drug plan? Here is how to find the best Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for you and save money!
Over the past several years, I have received endless questions about Medicare; but, probably, the...
There is soooooo much confusion about Medicare today. Though I have met with hundreds upon...