A Different Approach to Medicare in Tyler, TX

Claeys Group Insurance Agency is an independent agency in Tyler, Texas. Our primary interests are to serve our clients’ interests and needs, first and foremost. .

The values that drive us include assisting fellow East Texans navigate the intricacies of Medicare and helping them find the coverage that maximizes coverage and minimizes out-of-pocket expenses.

Each of our clients receives one-on-one Medicare consultation, where we work with them to find their best Medicare options, whether that be Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, or something else.

Our clients have consistently demonstrated their appreciation for our approach to Medicare advice. Over 300+ 5-Star reviews from Claeys Group clients reassure us that we're having the desired impact on those we serve.

Claeys Group Insurance has garnered over 300+ 5-Star Reviews

Helping Tyler with Medicare

Our objective is to enrich YOU with such excellent service and guidance you will become a happy lifetime Claeys Group client and tell your friends about us.

What does this mean to you?

It means we put YOU first, advising you honestly, responsibly, and compliantly—with service and products that fit YOUR needs and best interest, which means we may refuse to sell you something that would not be in your best interest.

Claeys Group Insurance Services, LLC is a licensed and certified representative of Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, stand-alone prescription drug plans with a Medicare contract, as well as other services, including life insurance and other insurance plans.

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