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Medicare's elimination of the donut hole may affect your drug costs; in fact, the elimination of the donut hole may save you money on your prescription drug costs.
Changes in 2018 Medicare include increases in Part A & Part B deductibles and copays. How will this affect you?
2017 brings changes to Medicare, affecting Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles and copays. How will those 2017 Medicare changes affect you and your Medicare supplement?
We want to make a confession: We at Claeys Group have been blessed with the greatest clients in the world, or at least that is how we see it. Why do we view our clients in that way? There are a number of reasons to see our insurance clients as the greatest.
As we might expect, there will be a change in costs with Medicare Part D prescription drug plans for 2017. So what will this mean for you? And how can you save money in 2017?
So, to what are people referring when they speak of the Medicare Part D donut hole? The donut hole, also known as the coverage gap in Medicare circles, occurs after someone with a Medicare Part D drug plan has hit a certain spending limit on their prescription costs. When that limit is hit, then the costs go up for the person with the Part D plan. So, let’s see exactly how that works.