The Greatest Clients

We want to make a confession: We at Claeys Group have been blessed with the greatest clients in the world, or at least that is how we see it. Why do we view our clients in that way?

Our Clients Inspire Us

First of all, we believe our clients are great because they inspire us. They come from all different financial backgrounds: Some have acquired great means, while others struggle financially. They are from all ethnic backgrounds and teach us about differences while reinforcing we are all created in God’s image. They represent a variety of work experience—teachers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, military personnel, construction bosses and workers, waiters and waitresses, pilots, IT (computer-related) personnel, factory workers, etc., etc.—all having contributed to our society as a whole.

Some have struggled greatly and have overcome, while others continue to struggle but aren’t giving up. Some have great faith in God, while others are searching for Him. Many have great personal strength, even in the midst of difficult times; they have shown us courage by facing the giants in their lives, whether that giant is cancer they are battling or wayward children or grandchildren or financial challenges. Each one in his or her own way touches us by their stories, whether tragic or joyful. But each one is created in the image of God, unique and special and valuable.

Our Clients Allow Us to Share in Their Lives

We believe our clients are great because they allow us the privilege and gift of participating in their lives. They share with us what they have faced and seen and what they currently face and see. And when, in those times when we have asked if they would allow us to pray for them, not one has turned us down, allowing us to participate in their lives in a very important way and sharing with us a character of humility and dependence on God. Very special indeed!

Our Clients Have Chosen Us

We believe our clients are great because they have graciously chosen us to serve them by representing their insurance needs. Many of them have become our clients because they heard from one or more of our clients that we provide excellent service and save people money on their Medicare or life insurance coverage. Others have heard that we are an independent agency, representing 60 different companies. (They realized that kind of representation provides them with choices; enables them to save money, as we are able to shop their coverage; and provides them with an agent who is able to help them in the future if they decide they want to look at other coverage.)

Yet, others told us they became our clients because of answer to prayer. They asked God for help, and He sent us to them. What a privilege to be seen as an answer to prayer! How could we not see them as great, as a result?!

Our Clients Are Open and Honest with Us

Our clients are also great because they are honest and open with us. We want our clients to tell us what they like, what they don’t like, and what they are looking for. Knowing that information enables us to respond in such a way as to meet their needs in the best way.

Our Clients Encourage Us

Our clients are great because they encourage us. Some thank us by phone or email or in person or by mail for the job we have done in helping them to understand Medicare and their insurance choices, in helping them to choose great coverage, and in helping them to save money. They thank us for being there when they need us, and for returning their calls promptly. Some thank us for listening or for just being patient with them. And many thank us by telling others they need to call us for help. Their expressions of thanks encourage us, as do the times when they simply tell us we have done a great job for them.

Our Clients Pray for Us

And some of our clients even pray for us! Wow! It doesn’t get any better than that!

We Are Privileged to Serve Our Clients

As you can see, there are many reasons why our clients are the greatest clients in the world. We are grateful they have given us the privilege of serving them. So, to those of you we are privileged to serve: Thank you!!

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