Beware of those who use Medicare to try to scam you through TV commercials, calls, emails, and texts.
Will My Medicare Last? On a weekly basis, clients ask me about the solvency of...
When shopping Advantage Plans, you will want to keep in mind some important keys to getting the Advantage Plan that is best for you.
We want to make a confession: We at Claeys Group have been blessed with the greatest clients in the world, or at least that is how we see it. Why do we view our clients in that way? There are a number of reasons to see our insurance clients as the greatest.
Long-term care insurance protects one’s resources. In addition, purchasing a long-term care policy preserves one’s choices. But long-term care insurance can be pricey; are there less expensive options? Yes. There are a couple of options with a provision for long-term care coverage—life insurance and annuities.