Which Medicare supplement is best for you? Choose from the most popular supplements--Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N, but only one is the best. Get the best supplement with the insurance company with the lowest premium and the one that has had the lowest rate increases.
So, which IS the best insurance company when it comes to a Medicare supplement? The simple answer is: There is NO best insurance company when it comes to a Medicare supplement. Why is that?
Original Medicare has significant gaps of coverage than can leave the person on Medicare with significant out-of-pocket costs. So when one turns 65, he or she may have several options from which to choose to protect himself from those gaps, such as: Employer Coverage that does not work with Medicare, Employer Coverage that does work with Medicare, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Advantage Plans. It is important to meet with an experienced, objective agent that looks out for your needs in order to provide the best guidance. While it’s nice to have options, those options only benefit you if you choose the best one for your situation. Thus, it is wise to do comparisons on your situation. To make sure you make a wise choice, sit down with an experienced, independent agent (one who represents many insurance companies and plans) who will put you first. For it is only an advantage to have choices if you can make the wisest choice among those options. Happy shopping!
Here is when you can change your Medicare supplement and how to make a good choice for your Medicare supplement to save you money.
I just received another call, posing the same concerned question: “I heard that Plan F is going away; what should I do?” Is Plan F going away? The answer to that question depends on what is meant by “going away.”
What can happen if you choose the wrong insurance company for your Medicare supplement? Did you know you could be stuck for life with a supplement that has enormous annual rate increases? How can you avoid this?