One of the most asked and misunderstood questions posed by adults in their 60s is the question of when to draw social security. However, the answer to that question for you depends on your own situation and circumstances, including when you hit full retirement, your work situation, your earnings, and even the longevity of your family history.
As we might expect, there will be a change in costs with Medicare Part D prescription drug plans for 2017. So what will this mean for you? And how can you save money in 2017?
If you are in your 20s – 50s, are healthy, and are looking for a financial tool that will provide you with security, good growth on your money and tax-free income, an indexed universal life insurance policy may just be what you have been searching for. If so, explore this possibility with an experienced, trustworthy agent who will be able to answer your questions.
Long-term care insurance protects one’s resources. In addition, purchasing a long-term care policy preserves one’s choices. But long-term care insurance can be pricey; are there less expensive options? Yes. There are a couple of options with a provision for long-term care coverage—life insurance and annuities.
Term insurance definitely has its place in life planning—and what will eventually occur at the end of that life—but it is not for everyone. Though term life insurance is the lowest cost life insurance available today, there are only a few scenarios in which it may be a good buy for you. Here is the way it works.



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